Cooper City is known as “Someplace Special” and is considered one of the most desirable communities to live in South Florida. The reason? The people. In Cooper City, you will find some of the friendliest, supportive and engaged residents around! 

As great as we are, things could always be better. There have been some issues; specifically,  lack of oversight of the city manager’s office and, at times, apathy towards the citizens themselves.

When elected, Howard Meltzer will work to make things even better from day one.  

  • First, he will work hard to prioritize spending so that YOUR needs are addressed. Over the past decade, your taxes have been raised more often than not.  Howard will work to ensure that your tax dollars are spent wisely and without prejudice.
  • Second, Howard will provide proper oversight of the office of the City Manager. Howard will see that all service contracts and major purchases are properly bid out, as per the city’s charter (Article 5, Section 5.13).  Areas of concern in the city need to be better prioritized and addressed;  residents’ needs should be a primary focus. 
  • Third, Howard will put the voice of you, the citizens, first. After all, YOU are what makes Cooper City a great place to live and work. He will be accessible to all residents and business owners and will carefully consider and address your areas of concern. 

Howard, CCHS 1980

About Howard Meltzer

Howard Meltzer is a hometown son. He is a graduate of Cooper City High School (1980). He graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a B.B.A. (Accounting, 1989) . He is the owner of Atlantic Coast Botanicals, a distributor of high end potted tropical houseplants.  When it comes to business, he takes a “hands-on” approach. 


Howard is married to Tracy and has two daughters, Lauren and Stephanie.  The Meltzer’s also have 3 Golden Retrievers, Emmy, Uncle Leo and Gael who is a certified service dog. In his free time, Howard likes to play golf, workout and roots for the Oakland Raiders. 

Howard Meltzer is a Proven Leader

Howard knows, to make our city even better…..

It’s going to take Economic Stability
He has been a successful business owner for many years and the fact that he is an Accountant (B.B.A. F.A.U.) has aided in sharpening his business acumen.

It’s going to take Independent Thinking.
Howard won’t solicit nor accept campaign contributions from special interests or vendors for Cooper City
. He does his own research and comes to informed conclusions. 

It’s going to take Experienced Leadership
Howard was appointed to (2013) and served as the chair of our Senior Advisory Board, (2014-2017). Howard was largely responsible for the creation of  & is the emcee for the City’s annual Senior Lifestyle Expo.  During his tenure as chair, initiatives, such as the Senior phone Hotline and the Senior Walking Club (coming soon to the new Flamingo Road Park) became realities. Howard has also served on Cooper City’s Charter Review Board and is currently serving on Cooper City’s Planning and Zoning Board.

Howard Has A Plan


Preserve our school boundaries to ensure that OUR CHILDREN ARE NEVER SENT TO SCHOOLS OUTSIDE OF COOPER CITY,   by continuing to foster a positive working relationship with School Board representatives and work to make our childrens’ safety a priority.

Our Senior Citizens

Advocate for the Senior Citizen populations in our city by ensuring we have the necessary programs, services and activities, that fit their needs. After all, our city was built on the backs of our seniors for many years, by way of their tax dollars. 


Evaluate infrastructure concerns, such as road and sidewalk repair, street lighting and code enforcement issues; prioritize necessary action based upon need and cost.

Public Safety

In an effort to maintain our current high level of community public safety, Howard will push for services that are cost effective and in the community’s best interest, without jeapordizing your health, safety nor welfare.

City Management

Oversee, without micro-managing, the office of the City manager to ensure a smoothly run, business like administration and to ensure the city charter is strictly adhered to.

You, the Residents

Residents will be able to voice their concerns to Howard, as he will be easily accessible to all residents and he will create an “open door” policy for one-on-one interaction.

Your Money

Champion Economic Stability, by ensuring that your tax dollars are spent thoughtfully, prudently, and with due diligence.

Youth and Adult Sports Programs

Howard will advocate for the cost efficient growth and continued development of our city’s sports programs, which are run for the city by the Cooper City Optimist Club.

Howard’s Accomplishments

Howard is the best choice for Cooper City Commission District 2. He’s already been making a difference in our city. As a volunteer, he:


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